From The Matrix to a Model of Coordinated Action (MoCA): A Conceptual Framework of and for CSCW


The CSCW community is reliant upon technology-centric models of groupware and collaboration that frame how we examine and design for cooperative work. This paper both reviews the CSCW literature to examine existing models of collaborative work and proposes a new, expanded conceptual model: the Model of Coordinated Action (MoCA). MoCA is a broader framework for describing complex collaborative situations and environments including, but not limited to, collaborations that have diverse, high-turnover memberships or emerging practices. We introduce MoCA’s seven dimensions of coordinative action and illustrate their connection to past and current CSCW research. Finally, we discuss some ramifications of MoCA for our understanding of CSCW as a sociotechnical design space.

In CSCW ‘15 Proceedings of the 18th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing, ACM.

The initial conceptualization of the Model of Coordinated Action.