Producing Data, Producing Software: Developing a Radio Astronomy Research Infrastructure


The production and use of software pipelines is a key component of much modern scientific research. We present emerging findings from our qualitative, social science study of a radio astronomy group developing software pipelines as they produce a data processing infrastructure. This paper examines how these researchers co-produce data products and software pipelines to enact their research infrastructure. We investigate the work of co-producing data and software to illustrate that to better support data-intensive science, we need to understand the practices that enable and produce data products, software, and ultimately infrastructures.

In 2014 IEEE 10th International Conference on e-Science, IEEE.

Paper produced as part of CSC lab’s Interacting with Cyberinfrastructure in the Face of Changing Science project (and its sucessor project Scientists and Their Software) examining how cosmologists develop data analysis infrastructures as part of multinational radio telescope projects. This work formed the basis of my ethnographic dissertation.