Throughout my doctoral work I conducted many investigations of collaborative work as part of the Computer Supported Collaboration laboratory. These were primarily interview-based studies but did incorporate observation and artifact data to produce a well rounded narrative.


Leveraging Development Expertise Across Cyberinfrastructures

This project was a comparative ethnographic study of two US National Supercomputing Centers funded by the National Science Foundation. We investigated the work of domain scientists and software developers producing cyberinfrastructure middleware software. We studied how these stakeholders sustained their project work over time throughout changing organizational arrangements and across shifting funding streams. On this project I worked with a post-doctoral researcher and another graduate student. Specifically I:

  • analyzed semi-structured interview data using qualitative data analysis techniques and atlas.TI software
  • designed & conducted semi-structured interviews with principal investigators, senior scientists & software developers at a national supercomputing center
  • co-authored publications (A3, A1, C4, C2 on my CV) examining development of cyberinfrastructure middleware software

The Role of Coordinating Centers in Collaborative Cancer-Epidemiology Studies

This project investigated the work practices of cancer coordinating centers that were supporting collaborative cancer-epidemiology work. The project’s aim was to support biomedical research and was funded by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant awarded to Betsy Rolland and Charlotte P. Lee. I helped:

  • analyze qualitative data
  • co-author a publication examining the work practices of coordinating center enabled networks (A7 on my CV)

Stakeholder Participation and the Emergence of Dominant Design in Large-Scale Cyber-Infrastructure (CI) Systems

This project examined the social processes of cyberinfrastructure design in the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) advanced networking project. This work was funded by the National Science Foundation. I helped:

  • analyze semi-structured interview data
  • prepare publications (currently under review) examining the role of educational outreach in encouraging new stakeholders to join the project