While conducting my doctoral research I assisted with teaching a HCDE Masters course and instructed four incoming freshman engineering students in the basics of human-centered design.


HCDE 502 Empirical Traditions

The Human Centered Design & Engineering Masters program ensures students learn to read and assess different forms of research. As Dr. Jennifer Turns teaching assistant I helped teach 25 MS students and:


  • Helped re-orient the course to enable students to examine digest different forms of empirical research & examine the implications for practice in research papers
  • Was responsible for helping design & grade assignments as well as providing students with feedback during class discussions

College of Engineering STEM Bridge Program

The University of Washington’s College of Engineering (COE) ran a STEM Bridge program to support incoming minority & underrepresented in their transition to college life. A key component of the Bridge program was having students participate in research work in COE laboratories. In 2012 I led CSC lab’s participation by teaching four incoming students about agile human-centered design & qualitative research over 7 half-day class sessions.


I designed course materials, lectured on human-centered design approaches, and guided the students in a rapid design project to paper prototype a mobile app for visitors to capture and share their visit to a museum exhibit. Partnered with the UW Museology program I helped students learn about:

  • Human-centered design
  • Qualitative research techniques including field observations, expert interviewing, and data analysis
  • Museology as a discipline and the work of Visitor Studies practitioners
  • Mobile app design with a guest lecture from Tom Satwicz of Blink Interactive
  • Iterative paper prototyping including expert stakeholder feedback
  • Presenting qualitative research findings to expert stakeholders & the wider public

This blog post for the CSC laboratory website documents the work of these students:


CSC Lab Participates in College of Engineering STEM Bridge Program